What is it *NOT* like to work with me!

I often talk about what it is like to work with me as your Accountant/Consultant. Today I want to talk about what it is *NOT* like to work with me.

I am NOT going to –
❌ Provide you with number crunching ONLY
❌ Confuse you by using accounting jargon
❌ Overwhelm you
❌ Charge you every time you contact me

What I WILL help you do is:
✅ Set up + Organize + Streamline your financial systems
✅ Provide a more holistic service
✅ Have your back
✅ Figure out how you can be more profitable

Whether you want me to take your finances COMPLETELY off your plate OR work out a plan together so you are equipped with the skillset to do it YOURSELF. If you would like to explore the option of working together, reach out. Let’s have a no-pressure chat. ❤️

Be sure to record your Merchant Fees accurately!

Are you using Square/Stripe/Paypal (or any other Payment Gateway) to accept payments from your clients?

If yes, be sure to account for your Merchant Fees accurately!

👉🏾 Say your client pays $1,000 for your service, and you processed it through Square.

👉🏾 After the processing fee, let’s say the amount coming into your bank is $ 960.

👉🏾 You’ll still need to record your earned revenue as $1000 (not $960)!

👉🏾 The $40 merchant fees should be booked as an EXPENSE.

This is important, as your Revenue line item would be understated otherwise – and your financials will not be accurate.

Something that I often catch business owners overlooking.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out. 🌺

Are you ready to be the CEO of your business?

The transition from an entrepreneur to CEO isn’t easy, but it’s absolutely possible.

It does require you to make decisions at a high level, and having your finances under control is the absolute key to this.

☀️Are you ready for someone to help you EXACTLY with this, and get your bookkeeping, financials and forecasting for your business – all sorted out?

☀️Would you like to be presented with critical & timely financial reports so you are equipped with the knowledge to make good business decisions THROUGHOUT the year?

☀️What if you had that CFO to partner with – so you can finally put your CEO hat on, and create a new roadmap for your practice?

This is exactly the stuff I have helped large corporations with for several years – and now I am channeling my knowledge and expertise towards helping practices like yours.

If this sounds like you – DM me/set up some time with me, and let’s have a chat to see how I can help.❤️

Keep your business spending SEPARATE from personal spending!

I know, this sounds pretty basic. But I often see business owners knowingly or unknowingly falling into the trap!

Why is keeping business and personal spending separate SO IMPORTANT?

☑️ Commingling funds complicates bookkeeping – costing you A LOT more time and/or money to get things in order
☑️ Poses the risk of inadvertently missing certain tax deductions
☑️ Increased scrutiny by IRS if you get audited
☑️ Poses legal risks if your business is a Corporation or LLC – since you are no longer treating your business as a SEPARATE entity.

Long story short…It’s just NOT worth it! ❌

Be sure to get a separate bank account for your business and be disciplined about exclusively using it for your business.

You will really thank yourself in the future, I promise!😊

Questions or need help with this? Feel free to PM me/ set up some time with me!

Everything you thought about hiring an accountant is wrong!

Everything you thought about hiring an accountant is wrong!

👉🏾You thought your business is not ‘big enough’ to get professional help.

Not necessarily!

🌟 If you are SERIOUS about your business, you need to have a strong financial foundation.

However big or small your business currently is.

Knowing how your financials look on a monthly basis is key to identifying strategies to grow your business more efficiently.

👉🏾You thought it doesn’t require much effort and you can just figure it all out at the year end.


🌟Doing last minute bookkeeping usually leads to errors and potentially even missing tax deductions.

Why would you want to do that to yourself?

👉🏾You thought you can spend some of your downtime to do your own books.

Think about this again!

🌟Getting your finances right is not just about number crunching.

A skilled accountant can also give you valuable tips to increase your profits.

And help build out a strategic financial model for the future.

❤️ These are exactly the things I help my clients with.

❤️ I can do the same for you.

❤️ Let me take the bookkeeping stress off your hands.

❤️ You build the profitable business of your dreams.

Click here and let’s chat!

Is this You?

Is this you?

You started your business to pursue your passion.

You have been trying to do it all, including managing your finances.

You feel overwhelmed either because you are behind.

Or because you know you are lacking that financial insight that’s so important for your business

You wish there was this person you could trust.

Who could take your bookkeeping off your plate.

And teach you what your numbers mean.

Who collaborates with you

So you can FOCUS more ON your business, not IN your business.

Know how to make more profit and keep more of it in your pocket

And have more time to do things you truly LOVE.

🌟If this sounds like you, what are you waiting for?

To help YOU is exactly why I started my business.

Click here to schedule a chat! ❤️

It’s more than JUST about accounting and numbers when you work with me.

“You are so easy to work with!”

Everyone who has worked with me has mentioned this to me at one point or another.

Back when I was a Finance Manager at Visa, I often ended up becoming friends with my peers and people who rolled up to me.

Sometimes I even wondered if that was a good thing.

OR if I had to maintain a very STRICT professional relationship with them.

But as I work exclusively with entrepreneurs and small business owners now, I am SO happy I work the way I do.

To actually build SOLID relationships.

To actually be there looking out for my clients.

To give them comfort that I am interested in more than ONLY looking at their financials.

I am there to partner with them on their journey.

While ensuring they are building a PROFITABLE business, of course.

If you have any questions about what it is like to work with me and how I can help you with your accounting needs, let’s chat! ❤️⭐️

Monthly Accounting is not JUST for tax time.

Monthly bookkeeping/accounting is WHAT gives you the ability to make sound financial decisions for your business. THROUGHOUT the year.

Without proper accounting, you are BLINDLY driving your business.

(And just desperately hoping it all just works out).

This is the top reason businesses fail.

I don’t want yours to be in this situation.

Are you ready to take charge of your business?

Do you need some help/guidance on the numbers side of things?

Are you looking for me?

Let’s talk 🙂. Click here to set up some time with me!