I often talk about what it is like to work with me as your Accountant/Consultant. Today I want to talk about what it is *NOT* like to work with me.

I am NOT going to –
❌ Provide you with number crunching ONLY
❌ Confuse you by using accounting jargon
❌ Overwhelm you
❌ Charge you every time you contact me

What I WILL help you do is:
✅ Set up + Organize + Streamline your financial systems
✅ Provide a more holistic service
✅ Have your back
✅ Figure out how you can be more profitable

Whether you want me to take your finances COMPLETELY off your plate OR work out a plan together so you are equipped with the skillset to do it YOURSELF. If you would like to explore the option of working together, reach out. Let’s have a no-pressure chat. ❤️