“You are so easy to work with!”

Everyone who has worked with me has mentioned this to me at one point or another.

Back when I was a Finance Manager at Visa, I often ended up becoming friends with my peers and people who rolled up to me.

Sometimes I even wondered if that was a good thing.

OR if I had to maintain a very STRICT professional relationship with them.

But as I work exclusively with entrepreneurs and small business owners now, I am SO happy I work the way I do.

To actually build SOLID relationships.

To actually be there looking out for my clients.

To give them comfort that I am interested in more than ONLY looking at their financials.

I am there to partner with them on their journey.

While ensuring they are building a PROFITABLE business, of course.

If you have any questions about what it is like to work with me and how I can help you with your accounting needs, let’s chat! ❤️⭐️